At Greenway, our favorite residents often walk on four legs and we haven’t forgotten to provide for them. While it is only a short walk to numerous parks, sometimes you need a more convenient place to exercise and bond with your pet. Our Bark Park, located next to the stadium, is designed for those quick play dates after work. It is very rare and expensive for urban communities to provide dog friendly areas but we think it is crucial to give you accessible options for our friendliest residents. Our Bark Park is fenced and furnished with play obstacles, running water to refresh pet and master, a waste station and benches to visit with fellow dog lovers. The terrain is designed with a decomposed granite surface that is soft on your pet’s paws while hygienically allowing for drainage of liquid waste. A Greensboro first! This process is accelerated by an irrigation system that keeps down any dust and rinses the surface. Of course, we ask that you pick up solid waste and dispose of it in the convenient waste station. If you are looking for a community that thinks as much of your pet as you do then Greenway is your answer!